libary​/​raw rah

by hauk$ne$$

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released January 16, 2015

yo$h - knowledge & strength
hatchetooth - love & laughter



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hauk$ne$$ Portland, Oregon

"brody quit the band cuz he needed some space, and i couldn't let the mic on the stage go to waste"

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Track Name: (visit your local) LIBARY
today's rap backtracks, no face, all masks
take a look in a book, reading rainbow spoke the facts
that's what's wrong with you kids, your beat's strong, your lyrics fizz
sing the song just get rid of all the material references
no more jizz, no more booty, teach the world, that's your duty
keep it real, how you feel, stop livin in a movie
cut the fat, strip it back, open up, speak truly
makeup may make a cutie but honesty is real beauty
i ain't tryin to be snooty, y'all don't need to listen to me
sex sells & you're in the mood but you can't learn new things from a booby
so at the very least visit your libary please
there's probably 1 adjacent to your favorite dairy queen
food for thought's so edible now that there's no dewy decimal
so forget your rage, turn the page, left to right, let it roll
stupid is preventable, please don't be a vegetable
rap doesn't have to be so 1 dimensional
we can learn if we turn literary at the libary
poetry, fantasy, horror in every corner
o you have the potential to be brilliant, just read a fuckin book
it'll give you a really good feelin & i swear that you'll be hooked
the multnomah county libary is a bounty of truth
satisfy your mind's sweet tooth, ain't talkin brownies
think soundly, speak profoundly, this ain't an underground scene
for instance there's at least 3 libaries around me
we can't afford college but there ain't a price on knowledge
a rap game should be solid, improve it, don't just vomit
back what you're hearin, radio C.E.O.s are steerin
talent into engineerin hits while they're profiteerin
so be unique, take a peak into your mind, what do you seek?
money reeks, fame is weak, set your goals for higher peaks
reach, reach, learn & teach, when you stop then you're beat
ridin in the backseat, everything you say is a retweet
tell me what's a fat beat when all we hear is bleep bleep
wake up from your deep sleep, you are human, not a sheep
don't be cheap, take a leap from that heap of bull excrete
get up out off them streets, read a book, they're really neat
o you have the potential to be brilliant, so visit your libary
it'll give you a sense of achievement & improve your vocabulary
i know what you're thinkin, them late fees suck
but they don't care until it's 20 bucks
so if they ask, don't try & fight em
they let you pass thru with numerous items
so many books it's insanity
& each 1 says a little somethin bout humanity
some informative, like biographies
some just plain fun like harry potter series
it's not just books they're offerin to ya
each day dey let you log onto da computa
2 hours time, surf online, leave them earbuds at home
they let it slide, let em provide adjustable headphones
when nature calls, they got you covered
ask for the key & make that dookie butter
& when you're done, scrub your hands with soap
i share them books, not them germs ya dope
(libary shout outs)
Track Name: RAW RAH
yo this song's for raw rah, happy birthday girl, uh
yo what are you? 28?
that's a great age to get your fine ass taken out on a date
let me do ya the pleasure cuz i feel like your soul mate
& i'll give it to you straight, straight outta the gate
an angel like you deserves 1st rate
with 500 dollar plates & extra dessert
fuck watchin your weight
i'm a pay for dinner baby, ain't no debate
my whole life i'll take care of you, make no mistake
girl you put me in a hot state, raise my heart rate
those stars in your eyes, the sweet music you create
your kisses are candy & you know i gotta cavity
i'm walkin on clouds with you, defying gravity
other girls, they never havin me, try as they wish
i gotta tattoo on my cock that clearly says "sarrah's bitch"
& that connection we got, i ain't never gonna sever
so today may be your birthday but i'll celebrate you forever
raw to the rah, this ain't no blah blah
this the truth, you make me feel la la la so in love
yeah we fit like a glove & baby when i smile you know who i'm thinkin of
listen to me, i'm yours truly
you can't fool me with that hard exterior
inside i know you are gooey
you blew me away with that 1st kiss, such sweet bliss
i feel like that spoon that done run away with his dish
i don't make much money, nah but i'm rich
cuz i gotta honey like you who fulfills my every wish
you bewitched me, if i get torn you stitch me
like a light you switch me, is this a dream? pinch me
you're everything i'll ever need
you're a constant stream of that love supreme
with a cherry & whip cream
to the max xtreme, sarrah girl, you're my queen
ain't nothin come between us, i'm so glad we're a team
just you & me, ezma & yazmean, drakula & emit
i hit the jackpot on this slot machine
you shake me like a tambourine, bounce me like a trampoline
sarrah anne, i hope you know how much you truly mean to me
raw to the rah, this ain't no blah blah
this the truth, you make me feel la la la so in love
yeah we fit like a glove & baby when i smile you know who i'm thinkin of
with each day passed i love you more than the last
will i love you tomorrow? without question, don't even ask me
remember when you sexually harassed me at the foggy? you nasty
yeah you're always the subtle one, keepin it classy
you leave no room for error cuz you're sarrah the terrah
you soothe like aloe vera but you're hot like the sahara
you don't even need a mirror cuz you're always str8 sexy
you better send me a pic of that smile next time you text me
your beauty wrecks me, your haircut's just stunnin
when i wake up next to you i swear my heart starts runnin
& that bomb look that you give me, the hits keep on comin
you play me like a string but just keep on strummin
i'm yours true, i'll open doors for you
i'll do chores too, i'll do any chore that bores you
i just want more of you, sarrah anne verdier
you look beautiful as ever baby, happy birthday
this is your day girl, happy birthday raw rah, uh
raw to the rah, this ain't no blah blah
this the truth, you make me feel la la la so in love
yeah we fit like a glove & baby when i smile you know who i'm thinkin of
i said raw to the rah, this ain't no blah blah
this the truth, you make me feel la la la so in love
yeah we fit like a glove & baby when i smile you know who i'm thinkin of
that's you girl, happy birthday, uh, xxx, that's right baby
bam bam bamadabambam bang, you bangin baby, you bangin
girl you the hot shit, uh, uh, slpslpslpslpslp, i wanna lick you up girl
boooo yaaaa
Track Name: raindance
uh huh, uh huh
uh huh, uh huh
rainy skies got me hidin inside with my rhymes
hard times got me circlin beats like fruit flies
i threw my plans away for today
raindrops pitter patter as i chit chatter & lay down my track
gotta hustle, rainy days make my muscles feel wack
who's got the balls to rub the small of my back?
massage me jack, uh
let's get wet, talkin hella
follow me outside, barr, & discard that umbrella
now we're a fine pair of fellas, all cold & drenched
but don't cut the track, i still got my mic clenched
my 1 responsibility before you get rid of me
is to rap to the best of my ability
yo who's feelin me? the rain stops me never
who the fuck is jesus? hauksness forever
now i'm a pass the mic to my man nan
the magical tucan, this kid is str8 ignint
weather outside got you feelin froze
feel shut in & stuck indoors
hauksness beats & rhymes & prose
keep you on your tippy toes